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YouPin Q5S Projektant Elektrických Úst Maska Na Tvár Ženy Muži Fashion S Filtrom Prívod Vzduchu Čistenie Anti Smog

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YouPin Q5S Projektant Elektrických Úst Maska Na Tvár Ženy Muži Fashion S Filtrom Prívod Vzduchu Čistenie Anti Smog

5 / 5 ( 5 )

Štítky: Xiao, electron maska, masku na tvár xiao, likvidujte maska, mi xiomi, maska hepa xiao, elektrické filtračné masky, xiao auto vzduchu, Youpin, mi xiao.

€5.29 €8.01

YouPin Q5S Elektrické Maska Prívod Vzduchu Čistenie Anti-smog

  • Gyro: YouPin Q5S Elektrické Maska
  • Konektor Typu: NÁS Plug
  • Ovládanie Kanálov: 2 Kanálov
  • Certifikácia: CE
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Max Rýchlosť: Q5S Elektrické Maska
  • Názov Značky: Xiao
  • Rozsahu: 1
  • Štát Montáž: Ready-to-Go
  • Funkcie: Slot
  • Číslo Modelu: Q5S

2021-01-14 The product came exactly as described, in perfect condition. I purchased from this very Seller before [Q5Pro masks for my family, in late November] and have chosen the Q5S for me because of the features of my face and nose - and this model really suits me perfectly. Again, the Seller wastes no time to ship the orders [this one reached me in a matter of 13 days - with New Year's Eve in the middle!] and is very thoughtful, willing to clarify each and every doubt I ever present to them. My appreciation goes out to the personnel of Xiaomi Mijia Store. Thank you!
5/ 5 stars
2021-01-25 Good
5/ 5 stars
2021-02-11 These are the first of the new generation filters that I purchase. The pouches are resilient [with zip-lock feature] and came wrapped in bubble plastic. I have opened only one of the pouches, for visual inspection, and the five filters seem OK. As the filters are not individually packed but, rather, accommodated altogether in the pouch, I believe that the users should be careful when they ope/handle the same. Again, the Seller wasted no time to sip the products and the delivery was fast [15-20 days in all, to reach me in Brazil].
5/ 5 stars
2021-01-20 The seller is beyond praise. Very fast delivery (to Bulgaria for 2 weeks), gorgeous packing, more like gift option, everything is very high quality (the first time for many years of shopping is felt really high quality of the goods). The mask is very well attached to the face, with very good ventilation and very beautiful. Let us hope that the defense will be at the same level. I recommend it to everyone, you will not regret it.
5/ 5 stars
2021-02-02 Very good recommend
5/ 5 stars
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